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Your tires are out of alignment, overly noisy, or just worn out?

Your car requires brake maintenance or it’s time to replace the oil?

You’re seeking a knowledgeable, trustworthy auto mechanic to address your concerns and get rid of the odd sounds or odors your automobile is emitting?

At Livernois Discount, we have the experience to help you with all auto repairs. We’re the experts on all things tires, wheels, car parts, Mufflers, brake replacement, oil change service, and many auto services.

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Oil change service
in Detroit, MI

It’s crucial to change the engine oil and filter to keep your car’s engine running smoothly and consistently reducing the risk of expensive problems.
When getting your engine’s oil changed, go to a reputable shop with an experienced staff of professionals to ensure that they will use the right kind of oil and that any necessary repairs will be finished during your visit. Visit ourĀ  facility as soon as possible for a comprehensive vehicle inspection overseen by our experts. At the Following Address: 4292 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48210, United States

Tire Shop in Detroit

Tire shop in Detroit

We provide tires of the finest caliber and have chosen the top brands to satisfy the demands of knowledgeable, quick, or careful drivers.
For every price range and type of vehicle, we have trusted tire brands. When it comes to your tires, we prioritize quality because it is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Don’t look elsewhere if you need traction in the winter or cruising tires in the summer. Additionally, we can assist you with tire alignments, brake maintenance, oil changes, and more. We’ve been providing the neighborhood with high-quality tire services for decades. Contact us right now!

Brake Repair Services in Detroit

At Livernois Discount, we consider the importance of your brakes for the security of you, your loved ones, and the general public. We deliberately chose to improve the braking performance of your car for this reason on a corporate level. The components we choose for your brake service and repair will always meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Brake shop in Detroit
Muffler shop in Detroit

Exhaust & Muffler Shop in Detroit

The exhaust system in your automobile or truck’s engine works to keep harmful fumes outside the vehicle’s cabin and maintains proper engine operation. Additionally, it improves fuel efficiency for you and lowers air pollution-causing emissions.
A muffler is used to quiet the sound of a car engine because it produces a lot of noise. But in addition to lowering noise levels, mufflers also regulate engine back pressure. You could experience a carbon monoxide leak if your automobile or auto muffler has a hole, therefore it’s crucial to have it fixed immediately away for safety reasons.
Looking for the top local muffler shop? Visit us at the following address: 4292 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48210, United States
For specialized exhaust service and muffler installation.

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"I always go to unique auto for my car rep airs..they are very fair and lower than other shops with prices..they fix my problem and I don't have any issues with what I took it in for..honest shop and great work..I highly recommend u check it out"

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"Great customer service. Was quick in and out. Tom was very knowledgeable. I will definitely be coming back."

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"A very good repair shop that stands behind their work. Prices are very reasonable as well."

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"Very honest and reliable. They were accurate on the diagnosis. I highly recommend."

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